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BARC Most Asked Interview Questions – EC/EE

Today “GATEPSU.IN – Be A Topper, Prepare With Us” is sharing most asked questions for electrical engineering and electronics and communication engineering in BARC exam.

BARC OCES DGFS is one of toughest interviews to crack as they called in 30:1 ratio.To give you a rough idea about the toughness of the interview , in 2016 BARC called 496 candidates in ECE for Interview but only 19 candidates could make it. So it is one of the toughest interviews in technical domain.

Here we are trying to collect the interview questions asked in BARC so as to give you some clue about the BARC interview questions. If you are interviewed at BARC you can also contribute to this by providing us BARC interview questions at talan.pradeep@gmail.com

BARC Interview Questions

  • What type of control system is used in refrigerator and geyser?
  • What is proportional controller and draw its circuit diagram?
  • Advantages of PD controller?
  • What is CMRR and slew rate in opamp?
  • Condition of stability ?
  • What are rectifiers. Draw its circuit and waveform?
  • Which devices can be used for rectifiers?
  • Draw the graph of high Q and low Q factor?
  • Question related to second order system?
  • Types of systems and control actions
  • Draw a control system for a tank. Condition is that if water becomes more than 80% then water start flowing outside through a valve and if water becomes less than 20% then it starts filling the tank.
  • What type of control system is used to reduce the external noise?
  • Adaptive Control System
  • Let Ussan Bolt is running and race starts with a gun triggering ann stop with touching the final rope then draw the counter to determine the time taken by him in mili n micro seconds.
  • Let there are five judges in india got talent and a contestant is selected if 3 or more judges say yes then design a digital cicuit for it.
  • Let a sine signal has 10k frequency and it is passing through a switch that becomes close at t=a n then it is given to a bpf hving range 9.5-10.5k then what will be output after and before t=a.
  • If Na n Nd for a pn junction is given then how can we calculate the depletion width.
  • What is the value of relative permittivity and ntrisic career concentration of Si
  • What is super beta transistor
  • Why we prefer GaAs than Si and Ge
  • Difference between microprocessor and microcontroller
  • Name some peripheral devices.
  • Function of DMA
  • Types of interrupt in 8085. Higher priority interrupt.Which one is non vectored interrupt. Which one is highly probable TRAP or HOLD if one interrupt is exucuting then another cab be active or not. How can we enable and disable the interrupt? What is sim and rim instructions. Explain number of address and data lines in 8085. What is addres line multiplexing? what is the function of ALE? Maximum number of T-states possible in an instruction. What type of dma is used in 8085?
    • Design an dynamic ADC with some passband Frequency.
    • Design a circuit to get the time difference between two ttl pulses in microsecond.
    • Design an oscilloscope with 2 channel digital display system ? Block Diagram.
    • When we use opamps inverting or non inverting we use resistors Rf and R1 in Kilo-Ohms for gain 10 or 11 . Why don’t we use 10 ohms and 1 ohm ? What is the problem with low resistances ? What is the problem with 10M ohms and 100M Ohms ?
    • Design a digital system that 1000 people are voting and at the end the systems shows total votes balloted and the candidate who won ?
    • .Draw an arrangement to indicate selected pin index and output state of a MUX ?
    • In CE amplifier with Re…How can you say that Re is feedback ? How can one say that emitter is common as it is not connected to ground Re is in between ?

    We will update more questions as soon as we get more BARC Interview questions for ECE/EEE.

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