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BARC Topper – Nirmal Kumar Interview – Mechanical Engineering


After missing the train from Delhi, somehow I managed to arrive at interview venue on the same day of my interview. My GATE 2013 rank (AIR-1244, Score-591) was not good so I was little bit depressed also, as BARC is the only chance which I was having.

Interview of my college mate was also on the same day, so I used his room for refreshment. After document verification I went at the battle ground (11th floor of NBH), there my chance came in the second half of the day i.e. around 3 p.m. In the mean time I haven’t discussed any question with earlier candidates, as I was assumed that I wouldn’t get selected here.

My turn came…

Me- May I come in sir?

Chairman- Yes, you may.

They asked me to sit. As I mentioned earlier the I was assumed, not to be selected here, so my mind was free. But a little nervousness is there as it was my only chance for the year.

Chairman- You are looking very tired?

Me- I told him the story of my missing train.

Chairman- Ohk, we won’t ask you too much questions, as you are looking very tired. Write down your favorite subjects.

Me- I have written, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer, and RAC. One thing you should notice that I haven’t written Heat & Mass transfer. because, my senior suggested me not to write Mass transfer as they ask mass transfer very rigorously.

Chairman- Asked one of his committee member to proceed with thermodynamics. In the mean time he was studying my resume, mark-sheet & all.

Member-1- Which type of compressor consumes MINIMUM* work? Isothermal, adiabatic, or isentropic?

Me- Promptly said Isothermal.

Member-1- Prove it?

Me- I made the P-V curve, and calculated the area under the curve. Hence proved.

Member-1- Physically prove it.

Me- I have taken some time, write equation of 1st law of thermodynamics, then give my answer that in isothermal the work is consumed only to raise the pressure, while in adiabatic, some work has consumed to raise the temperature also.

Member-1- Good.

This word gave me too much confidence. Now, I was playing on front foot. After this from thermodynamics various questions has been asked on Rankine cycle and Brayton cycle.

Then, comes the heat transfer topic. Member-2 was already written some questions on A4 sheet related to temperature profile of a cylindrical body with insulation. I made the profile, in each profile he asked me the reason for that type of nature of the curve, I proved many of them. Member-2 was also asking the questions related to RAC, he asked me to explain the Vapor compression refrigeration cycle. I have explained and also made many mistakes, each time chairman corrected me, and motivated me. My engg project was in RAC, so I explained that also. This gave me some edge.

They weren’t asked too much from FM, simple questions are there related to buoyancy forces, pipe losses, HagenPoiseuille equation etc.

Chairman- You have written all the subjects related to thermal only, we want to ask from design also.

Me- Ohk sir,

Member-3 was ready with questions from strength of material. Questions related to SFD and BMD are very important. She asked me to draw the SFD, BMD of various load combination. I have drawn almost all of them. She again asked to draw me the shear stress distribution for I-section, after I made the distribution she added another difficulty that, can we use it like H-section, and also justify your answer. After getting hints and motivation from chairman, somehow I have made some justification.

Then comes the question of chairman, he asked questions from shaft design. I have answered all the questions of chairman.

Chairman- Ohk young man, you can leave now.

Me- Thank You sir.

It was 4:30 p.m when I came outside. I have spend 1.5 hrs inside and didn’t fell that. After removing my tie and folding my shirts, I moved toward the lift for going home.

Suddenly, a voice came that chairman is calling you again. I was afraid, because I didn’t want to face them again. But, life changing moment was waiting for me.

Chairman- Well done Nirmal, you are most probably selected. And gave me the white slip.

Me- Thank you sir.

I was not expecting this. I was crying there. That was the best moment of my life. My hard work paid me. I got very good grades in interview.
After submitting some documents in HBNI, me and 6 more selected students of the day were officially visited the barc trombay campus. After all these stuff I called my father and gave him the good news. First he didn’t know that I was in Mumbai for interview, then he also didn’t know too much about BARC and job related to BARC.
Finally, I have boarded the train for home without ticket in general boggy. I haven’t slept whole night, as I was not believing that I have got selectd.

Some suggestions from my experience-
1) Don’t go inside with too much expectations. As it may bound you.
2) Try to make an honest attempt to all the questions, because these are the questions from your favourite subjects not of the interviewer.
3) They will definitely give you hints whenever required. So try to make something from their hints. They are very supportive.
4) Questions asked by chairman is important, so listen the questions carefully and answer with school level concept I.e don’t go in advance level.
5) Don’t use unnecessary new terminologies while answering a question, this may lead you into the new topic.

Keep calm and play your game.

All the best 
Note- I am little bit slow in English. You will understand after reading my answer. Apologize.



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