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Get Your Cashback

Now Earn With GATEPSU.IN :

AFTER ORDER SURE RS. 100+ Cashback :

  1. After ordering your notes join our group : Click Here
  2. You will be added within 24 hours, in this group we will provide free study material also.
  3. After that add your friends in the group : 100 Members – Rs 50 Cashback , 150+ Members – Rs 100 cashback + Bonus cashback after 150+ member
  4. After adding members email your paytm/account no with ifsc code on talan.pradeep@gmail.com.
  5. You have the specify your order id and name and the time at which you add members so we may count them.
  6. Your cashback will be transfer to you.

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Refer And Earn :

  1. If you purchased our notes from gatepsu.in and like them then refer your friend to purchase the notes.
  2. After your friend order our notes, send us email on talan.pradeep@gmail.com, give all details like your order id and your friend order id, your paytm/account no with ifsc code and your friend’s paytm/account ifsc code.
  3. Rs 100/- cashback to you as well as your friend also. And you may refer as many as you can and we will give 100 cashback on each referral to you and you friend who ordered.

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