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How is the life of Engineers/Scientists at BARC?


Before joining any organization aspirants are always willing to know about the work and life culture of that organization, so to know about life of BARC i.e Bhaba Atomic Research Center we are sharing the views of Nirmal Kumar, TSO at BARC. 

Life in BARC or other DAE units, depends on your choice and your expectations only. For this I have to explain the basic steps in the career progression in DAE.  After getting selected in BARC interview, you will get an appointment letter in a yellow envelop send via Indian Post, on which Bharat Sarkar Sevarth would written. This will make you and your family proud, then comes the medical, which is very lenient. But, one this you must keep in your mind that the medical process is long (normally 3 days), so come up with your preparation of joining just after medical. 

Now, comes the training process. In one year of span you would have been taught more what you have studied in your graduation. One can say this training as a hectic one but we have enjoyed it, as various sports facilities are also available. There are total four exams would be conducted, and after the final exam, rank will be declared.  

At the same time vacancies from various departments of DAE units will also be declared. You will have 15 days of survey time regarding the nature of work in each of the units. On the posting day (usually first week of may), you will have to choose the departments as per your rank and then choice. So, if you want more choices for posting then you will have to score in training school examinations.

Regarding departments I want to tell that in some departments the level of work is very high and everybody wants to join that group, but there vacancies are very less. In other departments also the quality of work is very good, but it totally depends on you & your interest that how much you will enjoy with that kind of work.

Some problems regarding accommodation is there, that in the initial phase of your job (usually 4-5 years) you won’t get accommodation inside. You will have to live outside the campus, and the HRA (30% of BASIC+DA) is not so enough to rent a flat near by.


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