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The following are automatic red flags, and and will result in the article being rejected without any explanation:

1. The article is plagiarized i.e copied from anywhere (this will also lead to a permanent ban).
2. The article is a rehash of a piece from any other publication.
3. The article is shorter than 200 words.
4. The article is in a language other than English.
5. The article is not related to GATE-IES-PSUs.

Payment Per Article – 

1. Before Starting your article mention your name email id and paytm no./Account No. With IFSC Code.

2. Excellent Post – Rs 50 Per Article {If 1000 Clicks within 24 Hours}

3. Moderate Post – Rs 30 Per Article {If less than 1000 Clicks within 24 Hours but content is good}

4. If your article is as per our policy then we will inform you via email immediately after publishing your article on gatepsu.in, payment after 24 Hours.

5. If you continuously write good article for us then free notes and Made Easy Latest Edition books with monthly fixed salary will be offered.  

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